Q: What is the Output update section?

A: When you submitted your grant proposal, you had already made a list of the proposed deliverables (products, events) and the corresponding budget. In this stage we need you to go through this section and check the individual costs for each output, for two reasons. Firstly, the approval of projects always comes at least 2 months after the submission deadline. In that period the prices for certain services might change compared to your original estimates, and therefore, require some adjustments.

Secondly, when evaluating your project, the Fund might consider supporting only a certain number of outputs from the list and/or propose certain budget adjustments.

Therefore, once your project is approved, check the approved sum of your grant on our website (in the Results section, using your project ID). If you see the same amount as you requested and you don’t wish to make any changes in the budget, just open the Output update section and click on “CONFIRM” at the bottom of the page.

Should you notice a lower amount than in your original proposal, open the Output update section and adjust the sums in the “Expected” column so that they correspond with the ones under “Approved”. Those numbers that need adjustments will be marked by red colour. Once all lines are cleared, click on “SAVE”, then “CONFIRM” if you don’t plan further changes.

Please note that changes between budget categories (e.g. Accommodation and board and Expert fees) are possible up to 1000 EUR. Any change exceeding this amount needs to be approved by the Fund in advance. Also, when making changes to individual budget lines, keep in mind that the total sum for each output must remain the same (e.g. reducing travel costs by 100 EUR and increasing accommodation by 100 EUR, so that the final sum would not change).