Q: Can we buy computers, cameras or other electronic devices from the grant?

A: The Fund allows the purchase of office equipment needed for web-based communication and overall digitalization in the category of “Office supplies and consumption materials”, in limited numbers. Such purchases, however, must be well justified and consulted with the assigned project manager in advance.

Q: Can we pay expert fees to our employees for project management duties, general organizational tasks or bookkeeping?

A: No, you cannot. Such fees can only be reimbursed in the Overheads category, even if they are based on a service contract.

Q: How can I pay out expert fees?

A: The easiest way is for the expert to issue an invoice for the services (as a private entrepreneur, legal entity or company). Alternatively, the grantee can sign a service contract with the expert, specifying the tasks to be carried out and the offered remuneration. Please note that contracts based on the labor code of the respective country (e.g. employment contracts) cannot be used to pay out expert fees.

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Q: Can we use our company car to travel to our project partners?

A: Company cars and their related costs cannot be reimbursed in the category “Transportation and delivery”, only in Overheads.

Q: Our colleagues have travelled to a project event by car and presented a fuel bill. Can we put the cost into the Financial Statement?

A: Fuel bills cannot be reimbursed in the category “Transportation and delivery”, only in Overheads. For more information about travel cost reimbursements, see above.

Q: Are we allowed to pay per diems to our participants to cover their travel and catering costs?

A: No, you are not. Lump sums, pocket money, daily allowances or per diems can only be reimbursed in the Overheads (up to the given limit set in your contract). Accommodation and catering costs will be reimbursed based on real invoices only if the payment was made by the grantee via bank card or transfer. Travel costs can be reimbursed to individuals if they provide the original documents to the grantee (see above).

Q: How can I cover travel expenses?

A: If the grantee purchases transportation tickets with the organization’s bank card (or through bank transfer from the grantee’s account), these costs must be put directly into the Financial Settlement with proper description.

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Q: What kind of costs can I cover from the grant?

A: The Fund has identified 11 cost categories that are eligible for reimbursement:

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