Q: How to finalize the project? What is the procedure of concluding the project?

A: Answer the final report questions in the online system; upload the best photos from events; upload the list of participants; fill in a financial statement table. Print, sign and scan the final report and financial statement table and upload it to the online system

Q: Should we include all participants in the mobility section or just those who travel?

A: You should account for all direct participants involved in the mobility aspect of the project, regardless of whether they are traveling or hosting.

Q: When will we receive the final tranche of the grant?

A: The final tranche of the grant is typically disbursed after you've completed and submitted the final report for your project in the MyVisegrad (online) system. The Fund's employees have a period of 20 working days to check the final report. Assuming that the final report is in order and all requirements are met, the final payment will be executed. This payment amounts to 20% of the total grant sum (in case the whole grant was spent).

Q: What happens if the entire grant amount has not been expended?

A: In such an event, the final payment will be reduced by the unexpended portion of the grant.