Q: What information should be inserted regarding each event?

A: The following information should be provided:

  • Project name and event title
  • Whether the event is public or private
  • Event type (you can mark more than one option)
  • Event Web Page or a separate Facebook event – at the stage of pre-contractual steps you can insert the general project website
  • Short description of the event, exact dates, city and country

Q: What if some of my events last longer than a few days?

A: If justified, some events can be indicated in this section for a longer period of time (e.g. a month-long training, an exhibition, etc.).

Q: I don’t know the exact dates of our events. How should I confirm this part?

A: In the Event Calendar you provide information about the approximate date/dates of the planned project events. Please do not write big time intervals, e.g. 2 months for a one-day conference. Once the event is confirmed during implementation, it will be automatically published on the Fund’s website, hence why we need as precise a date as possible. The dates of events can be changed once the project has been contracted, but it is necessary to confirm the preliminary dates in the Event Calendar, as the events become part of the contract.