Q: Which documents must be sent by post?

A: The following documents must be delivered to the Fund’s address 20 working days after the end of the implementation period.

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Q: Our organization has two or more bank accounts in different currencies, how should we proceed?

A: If your expenses have been paid for in more than one currency, you must create a separate Financial Settlement sheet for each currency. Please do not forget, however, that the total sum should always be indicated in EUR (€) in each sheet.

Q: Which exchange rate should be used in the Financial Statement?

A: When choosing the proper rate, you have two options. You may either use: the  exchange rate of the respective national bank on the date of conversion of the  previous tranche into the local currency or the monthly average exchange rate of the  respective national bank in the month in which the implementation period ends.

Q: How should the Financial Statement be filled out?

A: Instructions can be found on a separate sheet in the Financial Statement XLS file. When describing the individual costs in Column 5 “Cost description”, be as specific as possible. The Fund cannot accept insufficient descriptions such as “expert fee”, “hotel” or “bus ticket” without the proper indication as to whom the cost was paid, for what reason, and for what output/activity.

Q: Where can I find the template for the Final Report?

A: In 2020 the Fund introduced a web-based final reporting interface, which can be accessed in our online system (my.visegradfund.org). Grantees need to fill out all sections under the tab “Final Report” and click on SUBMIT on the last page. Once the electronic report has been submitted, you must print out the Final Report by clicking on the PRINT button. This printout shall be signed and stamped by your statutory representative and sent to the Fund via post.

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Q: What kind of documents do I have to prepare?

A: Once the entire project implementation period has come to an end, there will be 20 working days available to prepare the following Final Documentation:

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