Q: My application got approved. What should I do now?

A: You should take the following steps:

  • Inform your host organization about the Fund’s decision to support your residency and set the possible date of your arrival.
  • Check your email inbox for the instructions sent by our project managers.
  • Confirm your personal data and provide your bank account information, following the instructions detailed in the e-mail you received from us.

Q: What is the length of the residency?

A: The length of a residency varies according to the type of residency:

  • Visual and Sound Arts: 2 months;
  • Performing Arts: 1 month;
  • Visual Arts in New York: 2 months;
  • Fashion Residency in Milan: 2 months;
  • Literary Residency: 6 weeks (Compact Spring Edition) or 3 months (Regular Autumn Edition).

Q: Can I leave my host organization during the scholarship period?

A: The Visegrad Artists Residency covers on-site residencies. Artists are expected to be present in person in the location of the host organization during the residency. Taking days of absence is permitted, but they cannot exceed approximately 15 % of the residency period.

Q: Can the residency period be split?

A: For Performing Arts and Visual and Sound Arts residencies, the residency period can be split into maximum two parts upon an agreement between the artist and the host organization. Such division must be communicated towards the Fund’s representatives in advance and requires the Fund’s approval. The whole residency period must be implemented within the same calendar year.

For other residency programs, the residency period is set by the host organization, and it cannot be split.

Q: What is the role of the host organization?

A: The primary responsibility of the host organization is to create adequate conditions for the implementation of the approved residency project in terms of space and technical requirements. We advise applicants to consult the host organization regarding the space and technical support that they can provide in advance. The host organization is also responsible for providing the artist with the necessary support in terms of contacts with the local art scene, presentation and networking opportunities, etc. In some cases, the host organization is also responsible for arranging and covering the accommodation of the artist in residence (this is applicable to each residency program except for the Visual Arts Residency in New York and the Fashion Residency in Milan).

Q: Do I have to organize a public showcase of the project I am working on during the residency?

A: Residencies within the Visegrad Fund’s programs are not conceived as production residencies. It is not a requirement of the programs to hold premieres or exhibitions within the residency period. Work-in-progress presentations, whether open to the public or just to a professional audience, are encouraged. Please note that host organizations might have their own conditions related to public presentations. It is advisable to discuss these in advance.

Q: Do I have to acknowledge the Fund’s support anywhere?

A: Please remember to acknowledge the Fund’s support in any documentation related to your residency and at any public event where you present the results and outcomes of your residency. You should also use our logo to visually acknowledge the Visegrad Artists Residency Program’s contribution to your work.

Q: How can I contact the relevant V4 embassy and cultural institute (Czech Centre, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Polish Institute or Slovak Institute) about public events or presentations to fulfil my contractual obligations?

A: We recommend that the host organization contacts the relevant cultural institute or embassy at their general institutional email address to inform them about the hosted artist(s)-in-residence and the public presentations that they will have. The institutes should be informed as early as possible when the dates of the residency are set.

Q: When and where will I receive the contract for signing?

A: The contract will be sent to your host organization before the start of your residency. You should sign it upon your arrival and send one copy back to the Visegrad Fund’s address. For the Visual Arts Residency in New York and the Fashion Residency in Milan, the contract will be sent directly to your (the resident’s) correspondence address before you leave for the residency.