Q: What documents do I have to submit at the end of my study stay?

A: You must submit the following documents no later than 30 days after the end of the scholarship period:

Bachelor’s or master’s studies:

  • Transcript of records with at least 30 credits (ECTS) obtained for the last semester covered by the scholarship.
  • Copy of master’s diploma in case of full master studies.


Post-master studies:

  • Summary of the final results and contributions during the research stay (max. 2-3 pages), list of articles written by the scholar during the scholarship period.

Q: Do I have to acknowledge the Fund’s support?

A: Yes, you should promote your accomplishment in becoming a Visegrad scholar. Please remember to acknowledge our support in any documentation related to your scholarly activities and at any public events where you present the results and outcomes of your study/research acquired during the scholarship period. You should also use our logo to visually acknowledge the Visegrad Scholarship Program’s contribution to your study/research.

Q: I received the scholarship for more than 1 semester. What should I do in order to receive the next installment?

A: The second (and any further) instalments of your scholarship are transferred once the Fund receives the following via e-mail, in scanned format:

Bachelor’s / master’s scholars:

  • Transcript of records with at least 30 ECTS credits obtained for the previous semester
  • Confirmation of continuation/enrollment issued by the host institute for the new semester (signed by the international office/head of department)


Post-master’s scholars:

  • Progress report written by the scholar and confirmed (signed) by the supervisor, detailing the interim results, conference attendances, published articles
  • Confirmation of continuation of studies/research indicating the planned completion dates issued by the host.

Q: Does the Fund arrange/facilitate my visa, health/travel insurance, accommodation, travel to the host country?

A: No, but the Fund issues a scholarship confirmation which can be used as an enclosure to the visa application. You will receive this confirmation together with your contract copy.

Q: How much is the scholarship I receive?

A: The scholarship amounts to €2,500 per semester and is paid to each scholar’s bank account. This money is at the scholar’s full disposal and the Fund cannot cover any additional costs (visa fees, health insurance, accommodation, etc.).

Q: Does the scholarship cover tuition fees?

A: The scholarship does not directly cover the tuition fees, but the host university/institute receives €1,500/semester for every scholar (this is separate from your scholarship payment). For bachelor’s or master’s studies, the host university/institute must use the lump sum to cover your tuition fees or any other administrative costs. However, if the tuition fees exceed the lump sum per semester, you are responsible for covering the remaining sum yourself. We recommend finding out about the tuition fees at the host university/institute in advance. For post-master’s scholars, the lump sum is to cover all possible costs of the host university connected with hosting a foreign scholar, e.g. publishing the scholar’s monograph, related office supplies, short-term conference costs, access to databases for research purposes, the scholar’s supervisor fee, etc..

Q: When and how do I receive the money?

A: The scholarship is paid in advance for each semester (5-month period) only after the host university sends to the Fund a written (scan) confirmation of your arrival. The confirmation must be issued:

  • in English
  • on letterhead paper of the host institution
  • stating the exact date of your arrival there
  • stating your status as an active, full-time student/researcher
  • stating the planned month of (final) completion of your project/your placement at the host institution
  • stating your application/contract number
  • with the signature and stamp of the host university representative (your supervisor, the international office, or dean).

You will also need to provide us with a bank account where we can send you the scholarship funds. The bank account must belong to you personally, but can be opened in any country.

Q: When and where will I receive the contract for signing?

A: The scholarship contract will be mailed to your permanent (or correspondence) address after you submit the final acceptance letter (if not submitted at the time of applying) and confirming your details in our system. You will receive two copies, of which one copy should be sent back to us via post, with your signature.

Q: When can I start my scholarship?

A: As the results of the scholarships are usually published at the end of May, the scholarship can only start afterwards, from September/October (the fall semester of the upcoming academic year) at the earliest.

Q: My application got approved. What should I do now?

A: You should take the following steps:

  1. Check your passport’s (or ID card’s) validity. If you need a visa for the host country, start the visa application as soon as possible.
  2. Confirm your personal data in the system and contact your assigned project manager, following the instructions of the e-mail you received from us.
  3. Inform your host university/institution about the Fund’s decision and the possible date of your arrival.