Q: What if the website is part of my project deliverables and will only be created later?

A: If the project website is part of your planned outputs, you still need to create a temporary site which meets the criteria mentioned above. Once the new website is ready, we can change the link in our system.

Q: What should the project website look like?

A: The project website can be a webpage within an existing website or can be set up on social media/networking sites or blogs. Each project web page must have a unique address (URL) and contain:

  • the description of the project in English
  • the details of the project partners and direct links to their websites
  • the Fund’s logo with a direct link to the Fund’s website

When publicly communicating through social media, grantees and partners are obliged to make references/link to the Fund’s active accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Q: When do I have to set up the project’s website?

A: The project webpage shall be set up and made available within 20 working days (ca. 4 weeks) after the approval of a project and must remain active during the whole contractual period.