Q: Can I apply if I will not have the acceptance letter from the host organization by the deadline?

A: The acceptance letter issued by the host organizations is a compulsory attachment to applications for the Performing Arts residency program and the Visual and Sound Arts residency program. Without an acceptance letter, the submitted application will not be considered eligible.

For the other residency programs (Literary Residency, Visual Artists Residencies in New York, Fashion Residency Program in Milan), an acceptance letter is not required.

Q: Where and how can I submit my application?

A: Applications are submitted in our online system (http://my.visegradfund.org) by the given deadline (The deadline usually falls to the 15th of October of each year. Please visit the relevant sections of our website for more information). The system opens 30 days prior to the deadline. Once you register, you have to remember your assigned ID (application number), since it will be used in all future communication with you, and a password which will enable you to access your application form in the future.

You must fill out all the required fields and upload all requested documents. PDF is the recommended file format for uploaded attachments. If a document has more than a single page, please convert it into a multi-page PDF file or a compressed zip folder.

Q: Can I submit several application forms for one deadline?

A: No, each applicant can submit one application only, to one host institution at a time (within a single deadline). Parallel application for the Visual and Sound Arts and either the Visual Arts in New York residency or the Fashion Residency in Milano programs (one of the two) is.

Q: If I have already completed a Visegrad Artists Residency, can I apply again?

A: Yes, you can, if your previous residency was completed in a different country than where you are currently applying.

Q: Can I submit my application after the deadline?

A: There is no possibility of submitting the application past the deadline. The deadline is strict, and the Fund will accept no application past it.

Q: What documents should I send by post?

A: You do not need to send us any documents or printed copies by post. All documents must be uploaded to our online system electronically by the deadline.