Q: What is the role of the host organization?

A: The primary responsibility of the host organization is to create adequate conditions for the implementation of the approved residency project in terms of space and technical requirements. We advise applicants to consult the host organization regarding the space and technical support that they can provide in advance. The host organization is also responsible for providing the artist with the necessary support in terms of contacts with the local art scene, presentation and networking opportunities, etc. In some cases, the host organization is also responsible for arranging and covering the accommodation of the artist in residence (this is applicable to each residency program except for the Visual Arts Residency in New York and the Fashion Residency in Milan).

Q: Which institutions are eligible host organizations?

A: For Performing Arts and Visual and Sound Arts residencies, any cultural institution registered in the respective country is eligible as the potential host.

The other residency programs work with permanent partners as host organizations receiving residents:

Q: Does the Visegrad Fund help me with finding a host institution?

A: Applicants can use the Visegrad Fund's Mobility Finder to look for potential host organizations. The Fund does not provide further help; it is the applicant’s responsibility to find and reach out to the potential host organization and secure an acceptance letter if applicable.

Q: Can I apply if I will not have the acceptance letter from the host organization by the deadline?

A: The acceptance letter issued by the host organizations is a compulsory attachment to applications for the Performing Arts residency program and the Visual and Sound Arts residency program. Without an acceptance letter, the submitted application will not be considered eligible.

For the other residency programs (Literary Residency, Visual Artists Residencies in New York, Fashion Residency Program in Milan), an acceptance letter is not required.