Q: Can I change my partners? What if my project partner wants to withdraw?

A: Changing or removing one of your project partners is considered a serious change compared to your submitted application and as such, it requires prior approval of the Fund.

In both cases we need a written request by the statutory representative of the applicant in which he/she states the reasons for removing/changing the project partner. The request must be prepared in English, on a letterhead paper, and must be sent to your assigned project manager via e-mail.

If a new partner organization is to enter the consortium, we will also need a letter of intent by their statutory representative (for the format, see 2.9.)

Q: There is a typo in one of the e-mail addresses. How can we fix it?

A: Your assigned project manager will change the e-mail address once you provide the new/correct email address to them.

Q: My partner did not receive the confirmation e-mail. What should we do?

A: Firstly, make sure the email you provided in the application is correct. Secondly, please check with the partner whether the email is in their spam folder. If, for technical reasons the partner is not able to confirm their participation via email, they can provide a letter of intent (see 2.9.). Provide the scan of the letter of intent to your project manager and she/he will confirm the partner’s participation in the system.

Q: How do partners confirm their participation in the project?

A: In the section Overview you can see all your partners listed.  By clicking on “Send/Resend Email” next to the partner’s name, an automatically generated e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address of the respective partner, containing a web URL. Following the link, the partner will be able to see their own contact details and the submitted application form, enabling them to check for any mistakes in their data. They have to click “Confirm” to formally agree to participate in the project.

In exceptional cases the Fund may request a letter of intent from one or more partners, once the application has been approved for funding. Please note that the Fund does not provide samples of these documents. The letter of intent must be written on a letterhead paper, stating the partner’s main identification data, expressing their willingness to be involved in the given project (the project title should be mentioned) and including the basic information regarding the purpose of the co-operation and the role of the partner. The letter must bear the signature of the statutory representative and the stamp of the partner organization. It must be sent to your assigned project manager in scanned form, via e-mail.